Slow Curve

My journey starts off with an artist. An artist, who concentrates on the simple depiction of forms and color. Who depicts his perception of the world in flat, but still three dimensional forms. Who shows with his simplicity the complexity of reality. But these forms don’t arise from Ellsworth Kelly’s fantasy, he sees them, everywhere, in shadows, buildings and plants. Contrary to his bold forms and colors, he draws very subtle and filigree depictions of these plants. Both kinds of his work arouse yearnings and a breeze of faraway lands… Do you know the country where the orange trees bloom?


The collection plays with the interaction of abstract, flat forms and bright colors in contrary to filigree playful elements.The Autumn/Winter collection is created with  natural warming materials like merino wool and helps to escape the cold with bright bold colors. Clean woven fabrics are contrasting with different knit structures, reminiscent of oranges. There are petinet structures, round shapes realized by goring techniques and multi gauge net structures, intarsia and plated elements.

The knitwear pieces of the collection are knitted fully fashioned on computer based flatbed knitting machines.

„My aim is to capture the light and energy of colour…
Colour plus form is the content.“
Ellsworth Kelly

Photography: Annika Klaas

Models: Leonie Butterstein, Yara Maggi, Sarah Stafford