As a knitwear designer, I am fascinated by the automatic processes of knitwear production. The aim of the monochromatic collection „Jaune“ is to take these processes one step further. By thinking at the same time about design and technical realization of the knitwear, I developed a collection without any seams. The collage-like outfits of the collection are put together by a knitted in belting system, further closures include knitted in magnets. The collection aims to reduce time consuming manual work in order to establish a fast industrialized on demand production process. „Jaune“ challenges the fashion supply chain as it works today. With the approach to bring aesthetics together with the knowledge of production processes it enables a local production again. With its fast production in only one step (the actual knitting) it allows to manufacture On-Demand orders within one day. The on demand production cuts emissions on the logistic side for both transportation and storage. It also reduces waste; there is no overproduction and the fully fashion knitted garments produce no waste of material. 

Photography: Louise Frances Savine

Model: Clarice Elaine Eisl